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Disabling IE9 First Launch Web Page

July 21, 2012

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I had a customer request to turn off the first run upgrade web page that shows up after upgrading to IE9.  It took me a little while track this down, so I thought I would post what I found out so it is easier for future people searching for this. Most of the results from Google said […]

Extending a PVS vDisk

November 6, 2011

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Ever need to increase the size of a Provisioning Services (PVS) vDisk, for instance when an application upgrade needs more disk space than planned when creating the vDisk? Well, if so the process I use is fairly simple to complete and preserves the existing data. With the older vDisk formats (PVS 5.x and earlier) you can use the VHD Tool executable available on Microsoft’s MSDN website […]

Parsing IOSTAT with Powershell

February 28, 2011

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I have had a couple people remark to me that it is somewhat difficult to use iostat on XenServer to gather storage performance metrics because the output format is not easily parsed. Today’s blog is about how to collect and import storage performance values from XenServer using the iostat command and a PowerShell script I wrote to make this […]

Restricting Application Access by XenApp Services Site

January 18, 2011

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Have you ever needed to restrict what applications a user can access via their iPad? What if you want to allow a user to access one set of applications but filter the application set by devices, such as when a user is connecting via an iPad or mobile device? One method is to setup a […]


October 22, 2010

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Thanks for visiting my new blog site. My primary area of expertise is with desktop virtualization and that is where I have been focusing my efforts for three of the last 10 years I spent working at Citrix. Since Citrix XenDesktop is hypervisor agnostic, (well, when it comes to the top three), I have a […]