About VJ

Virtualization Jedi (VJ) currently works for vGenii as a Senior Virtualization Architect and has been extensively involved in desktop virtualization technologies for the past three years. VJ is no stranger to virtualization and has been working with virtualization technologies such as application virtualization (Citrix), server virtualization (Microsoft / VMware), and network virtualization (Cisco) from the early days. VJ spent 10+ years working for Citrix in Product Development (XenApp, SSO), Sales (Emerging Products SE), and Worldwide Consulting Solutions (Architect).

VJ is behind the majority of the XenDesktop scalability tests that Citrix sponsored prior to his leaving in late 2010. He was the first to put XenDesktop on Microsoft Hyper-V and the first to have a farm with more than 3500 virtual desktops. He continues to use his performance and scaling background to architect solutions for businesses across the globe.

VJ holds numerous vendor certifications and travels around the galaxy (well, mostly just Earth) sharing virtualization knowledge with those who are willing to listen. Follow VJ on Twitter.

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