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Parsing IOSTAT with Powershell

February 28, 2011

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I have had a couple people remark to me that it is somewhat difficult to use iostat on XenServer to gather storage performance metrics because the output format is not easily parsed. Today’s blog is about how to collect and import storage performance values from XenServer using the iostat command and a PowerShell script I wrote to make this […]

A Study on XenApp IOPS

February 10, 2011


Let me first apologize for my delay in getting this out. I have been extremely busy with my current project, however, I think you will be pleased with what I have researched for today’s blog. I had the opportunity to collect a considerable amount of production data at a customer site over the past two months. I […]

Finding a Better Way to Estimate IOPS for VDI

October 31, 2010

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Planning storage is probably the most difficult part of architecting any VDI solution and estimating IOPS is probably the most difficult part of planning the storage. For a little background on some of the discussions I have had around this topic, see my Saving IOPS with Provisioning Services blog and the associated comments. Since posting […]

Using Scalability Reports to Size VDI Deployments

September 3, 2010

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Lately, I have been getting questions around how to “size” a XenDesktop deployment. However, with the recent release of the Hyper-V / Windows 7 / XenDesktop whitepaper I thought it would be a good time to go over just a few points on how you can leverage the scalability reports that have been released by […]

Saving IOPS with Provisioning Services

August 6, 2010

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Sometimes the obvious is not quite as obvious to others as it is to you. Given my role as an architect I have spent countless hours looking at storage performance and the impact of it on Desktop Virtualization also known as VDI. It is my belief that storage performance is directly correlated with the user […]