Virtualizing XenDesktop and XenApp in the Cloud

Posted on 2012/07/19

Have you considered putting XenDesktop Shared-Hosted desktops (formerly known as XenApp) in the cloud? Well, I have just spent the last six months designing, building, and scripting the configuration of XenDesktop/XenApp in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud for Citrix. This has been one of the most interesting projects I have worked on in my life.

The AWS cloud offers the ability to generate resources nearly on demand while providing a linear cost model. In fact, in some cases the enterprises can get users into the cloud for as little as $0.01 USD per hour.

Since Citrix has been contracting with me to get XenApp in the Amazon Web Services Cloud, I have been writing whitepapers and blogs around what I have learned and developed with Peter Bats from Citrix. One of the key things was the development of a CloudFormation template that automates the instance creation and installation of XenApp within the cloud, allowing you to effectively create a 4-10 server farm with supporting infrastructure in about three hours.

Unfortunately, due to my contractual agreement with Citrix, I cannot repost any of my blogs on this site. I can however can provide links to them for your convenience, so read the blogs below to find out more about what I have been up to:

Jumpstarting your XenDesktop Farm in AWS with a CloudFormation Template

How to Build a XenDesktop Farm Using a CloudFormation Template – Video demonstration

Scaling Citrix XenDesktop Hosted-shared desktops on Amazon

Watch for future Citrix blogs under Peter’s account such as multi-region/zone aware CloudFormation scripts, the AWS cost estimation spreadsheet, and the 1000-users in AWS scalability testing results.

Also, let me apologize for not blogging over the past eight months. Several times I have started blogs, but just never had the time to finish them. I will try to take some time and provide some of that information back to you as soon as possible here over the next few months.

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